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Find your favorite weapon and blast through enemies and walls alike. Battle your friends in several game modes or join together to make quick work of waves of enemy tanks and bosses. Think Battle City mixed with Unreal Tournament. Tank Spank will fill your screen with bullets, tanks, explosions and chaos. Blazingly fast, extremely intense and surgically precise, this reinvention of arcade shooters will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Tank Spank is a fast-paced top-down arena shooter. Main gameplay consists of dashing, shooting, picking up weapons and destroying enemies and environments. Game can be played in 2 different modes: Versus and Co-op. Versus mode offers 7 game modes where players can fight each other in different situations: 1v1, 2v2 and Free For All. Co-op mode sends players on their way (alone or as part of a team) through 6 levels in which they fight waves of enemy tanks. Each level introduces a new weapon and a boss fight at the end.

Unique Features

* Fast-paced top-down twin stick shooter

* Ruthless Co-op mode with hordes of tanks and exciting boss battles at the end of each level

* Friendship-ruining Versus mode for players who want to battle each other in several configurations (1v1, 2v2, Free For All)

Unique Mechanics

Local Multiplayer
Tank Spank supports up to 4 players, driven by keyboard and gamepad alike.

Up to 4 players join forces and try to repel waves of enemy tanks through 6 intense levels. Each level unlocks a new weapon and offers a challenging boss fight.

Battle your friends or AI in 7 different Game Modes. See who's better in a one on one Duel, outwit your enemies in a team based Capture The Flag mode, or just blast each other in a free for all Deathmatch.

Weapon Upgrades
Upgrade your weapon with one of the five pickups for new ways to obliterate your enemies. Do enough damage and unleash destruction with devastating ultimate abilities unique to each weapon.

Aim Assist System
Your tank is pretty good at aiming by itself so you can focus your attention on the things that matter. If you're really hardcore, you can always override the system and be a sharpshooter.

Can you manage to unlock all 29 achievements we've designed for you and become a true Tank Spank master?



Tank Spank Demo.zip (139 MB)

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